Monday, May 30, 2011

Artist: Olly Moss

Silhouette paper-cutting is an art form and technique which I would love to master one day, but maybe I should just leave it to the experts for the moment. This exhibition of Olly Moss' work caught my eye as he gives this traditional method a new spin. Moss is known for his popular designs for Lost, Star Wars and The Evil Dead and has became one of the most influential pop culture artists today. The show titled 'Paper Cuts', which was his first solo exhibition, featured 300 laser cut, black Victorian silhouettes of pop culture icons from movies, television, comics and video games.

It's really cool to see some really amazing characters in the show. Some of my favourites are Beetlejuice, Captian Hook, Ferris Bueller, Jareth the Goblin King, Rufio, Harry Potter, Voldemort and the Dalek. I can't say that I can recognise them all but I can with most of them. What about you guys, see anyone you recognise from a movie? Or having trouble with one. I really love these works, would of love to see the exhibition myself. Definately need to now learn how to do this.

Photo's found from 1, 2 and 3.
Olly Moss has an official website and also runs a blog. If you are interested here is a link to a video of Moss at his exhibiton.

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Flora Fricker said...

Wow, these are great! Very inspiring, I love the Mary Poppins picture!

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