Monday, May 23, 2011

Much Love Monday

Join in next week for Much Love Monday

Chai Latte definitely my favourite drink at the moment. I am really loving the spicy taste especially in this cold weather. It is even better when you get it with cinnamon on top :) 

Absolutely Fabulous I have finally gotten around to watching this amazing series as mum brought it ages ago. Jennifer Saunders is an amazing comedian and she does a fantastic job in this series. I love her and her husband Adrian Edmondson.

Holga camera's I am seriously thinking of buying a Holga 135bc. I love how the photos turn out and it's plastic fantastic! I just have to work out whether I want a black one or a red and white one. Decision's, deicision's.  

I am thinking this might be my last Much Love Monday for a while so I can start a new meme in the next couple of weeks. Would love to here any ideas or suggestions anybody might have :)

Photo Credit: donchris!™

6 lovely comments:

mei said...

strawberry heart, lovely!

Penny said...

especially iced chai latte- perfect for warmer days!
have a lovely week :)

muchlove said...

oh I love chai latte too! so perfect in this chilly weather :)

jody said...

Great photo! i love your strawberry heart :)

Uly said...


Rachel said...

I love cereal with dried fruit in!

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