Thursday, May 5, 2011

Photographer: Ryan McGinley

Somewhere Place, 2011
India (Deer), 2010
Emily & Hanna, 2002                                                     Coco (Moon River), 2008
Dakota (Hair), 2004
Amanda (Falling Leaves), 2010
"Photography is about freezing a moment in time; McGinley's photography is about freezing a stage in a lifetime. Young and beautiful is as fleeting as a camera snap--and thus all the more worth preserving."

I am loving the work of American photographer, Ryan McGinley. His images are stunning and so imaginative. From documenting his friends and his real-life situations McGinley work has evolved by where he creates these elaborate scenes and situations he envisions in which he documents them. Aren't these just lovely images, I especially love India (Deer), 2010 as the deer and girl just look so beautiful with each other. Both their eye's are like crazy as well which brings a lot to the image.

Here are some links if you want to look further at Ryan McGinley's work:
Official website and an interview with Oyster Magazine

1 lovely comments:

abigail oliveros said...

theres something special about the humans naked body. it is a shame that we take it for granted.

i hope everything is swell.
love, abigail

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