Tuesday, May 17, 2011

New canvas, new project

I wanted to share with you guys today my lastest project for uni, my major painting. My concept behind this work is that I am looking at the practice of Post mortem photography in the Victorian Age. Post-morten photography (also known as memorial portraiture or memento mori) is the practice of photographing the recently deceased. These photographs served less as a reminder of mortality than as a keepsake to remember the deceased. This was especially common with infants and young children; Victorian era childhood mortality rates were extremely high, and a post mortem photograph might have been the only image of the child the family ever had.

Moving on, as I could go on and on with it, I am using a image and painting it to my style. The image above is what I am going to bring to life. I found it on the net and their was no information as of details about the image. I love everything about this image, the composition, the look of the children, layout, everything. I am going to use colour and give it a ghostly feel to enhance the meaning I am trying to convey. Anyway I have just finish doing my background and have now started to paint the children and chair. I will share more photos when I more further down the road, but what do guys think so far? My teacher really like this idea and I am proud of it myself.

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