Thursday, May 19, 2011


Today at uni our painting class held a poster sale called COMSIT, which we organised to raise funds for our year's grad show next year. The idea was that everyone would create a poster, or a small artwork, to bring in to auction off. Luckily it was a success and all of the posters and artworks were sold in a wide range of prices. Some for $5 and the highest going for $45. We also had 2 performance's which were both really good and lovely to listen to.
It felt so cool when you would bid on something and keep on going until you can't anymore. I designed a poster and it was my first every artwork to be sold. A lot of people said they liked mine and it ended up going for $15. I also got myself two lovely artworks for $15 each, which I'll show in a post soon to come. Hopefully there will be more events like these in the future as I really did enjoy myself.

Photo Credit: My own photo's

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Joan.Dorina said...

Perfect post..beautiful people..Keep blogging love the posts..Follow us and we would love to follow you back!Kisses from Greece!

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