Saturday, May 21, 2011

The New Lomo LC-Wide from Lomography

If you're a Lomography fan then you must heard already of their new product the Lomo LC-Wide. What's new with this product then from a normal LC-A is that you have the ability to shoot with the ultra-wide-angle 17 mm Minigon glass lens and also shoot square and half frame. I love the wide angle and it would be so awesome to have a LC-Wide as I love the end result that these cameras produce. If it wasn't for the price I would be buying one of these right now. 
I think I am in need to get out my Diana and take some pictures with it. Also should get into the habit of scanning them in so I can show you guys.

What does everyone else of the new LC-Wide from Lomography?

Photo Credit: found here

3 lovely comments:

Rhianne said...

I want one! I tried a normal LC-A today and that was pretty awesome but this one with the extra features is blowing my mind

and I love Elijah, that helps :)

Orla Lorenza said...

I really wish I had the money! xx

Harriet said...

This looks gorgeous - I love the effect of Lomography - I know I'd be rubbish trying to shoot it though!

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