Monday, May 16, 2011

Much Love Monday

I had to share this picture that my dad took down at the beach. How cool is that! The rock has naturally done this and made the shape of a heart. Amazing! Anyway ahead with Much Love Monday.

Nail polish It has been my goal this year to stop bitting my nails and finally I have a even bigger reason to. I am loving this colour nail polish from OPI. Its lilac and absolutely gorgeous and mainly it makes me want to have nails so I can wear it.

Cup of noodles The perfect snack for the winter :)

Wooly socks All day, everyday I have been wearing my thick wooly socks. Even though I love winter and the cold, I like keeping my toes warm.

Photo Credit: Clarrie Bouma

3 lovely comments:

Penny said...

the picture is very cute!
ps) I love cup of noodles- they are my lunch, afternoon snack and dinner most of the times!

herecomesthesun said...

Wooly socks! Yes! I have been loving that so much at the moment. When I'm at home alone I pull them up over top of my pajama pants for super snugness haha :) xx

Emmi said...

I love your blog, I really do! Painting and arts are close to my heart too, especially sketching and photography.
This post was very cozy, made me feel all warm and nice. Definitely gonna follow you.



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