Tuesday, February 15, 2011

16. A drunken story.

Something fun to share finally. Well I'll tell you my best to make up for the derey posts lately. I actually have quite a few good drunk stories, the best out of all my friends :)
Ok It will have to be the first time I had ever gotten drunk. Now I was never much of a drinker but it was my first New Year's with friends in 2007/08. My friend, Alex, pulled out the coon bag and we started drinking from it. One guy, Chris, was pressuring me to drink more so I did and before I knew I was running around the yard like any old drunken fool. Now this was when a guy I liked was dating this chick and I was heaps jealous and thought that he was too good for her. So I thought it was in my buisness to sort this out. Now when your trying to find two people when drunk is not the best idea. I eventually heard there their voices in a tent. I went upt to the tent ad yelled "Oi guys get out here, we need to sort this situation out now". They told to pretty much get lost, in nice terms. I didn't like their answer so I kicked the tent and eaxactly where I decided to kick it was where the girls head was. Everyone was apparently laughing and the guy was having a go at me. It was pretty terrible but whenever I tell people it or people mention it they are like 'that's too good!'.

And just another quick note, thanks people for putting up again with my depressing posts lately. Not in the best place at the moment. I need to get out of it and try and be a bit more happy.

Photo Credit: Rogier Houwen

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