Tuesday, February 8, 2011

9. Something that makes you sad when you think about it.

Their are only a few things at the moment that makes me feel really sad. One being this situation I am in with the guy I like. I think about it constantly and I just have no idea what to do. I really like this guy and want to see if I have a shot but I don't want to be rejected and feel the way I did when he started to date that other girl. This is something I wish that their was a sign or anything that would show what I should do.
Also another thing is when I think about this old friend of mine that I lost over a stupid fight. We were really close and he was my first guy friend so it meant a lot to me. Then after some misunderstandings and words we were no longer friends. Over the next few years It seemed like it was his mission in life to make me feel like shit. I look back at the whole situation and wonder what my life woud be like now if we were still friends. I do miss him as a friend and it's hard when you care about someone who is never going to be in your life again.

Photo Credit: shesaskeleton

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