Monday, February 7, 2011

8. Your last night out in detail.

Well my last night out wasn't all that it was crack up to be. Started out at this ckub called OnefiveOne which is pretty cool, a lot of young people go there. So we get inside and go straight upstairs because downstairs is pack and head to the bar. While my friends get drinks I wait and look out for one of my friends that have already gone missing. I had found my walking and the other girls returned with their drinks and shot them. We then went back downstairs to dance as the music was better.
I was having a lot of fun dancing, pulling out some new moves that I had been practising at home. At one point this guy came up to one of my friends and started rubing his arse on her. It was kind of weird, but I think they were doing it to make fun of her. I gave them a good death stare. I on the other hand was having some guys checking me out. Two guys came up to me and another friend and started dancing with us. But as soon as they did the girls decided they wanted to leave because it was too smokey and they couldn't breathe. We headed over the other club, Hotel Illawarra, they were having a retro night which is usually fun. After some dancing two of the girls left because they were tired so me and my other friend stayed out for a little while longer untill we got a bit bored and went home.

Photo Credit: Sabino

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