Monday, February 28, 2011

Winter Wardrobe

It's just about to hit autumn here and already I'm starting to feel the cold. I love winter for so many reasons like the cold winter nights, hot noodles, cozing up to a book, rainy days, and being able to snuggle. I especially love being able to wear all winter essentials and accessories like coats, mittens, scarfs, boots and all those things. I would move to London or Paris just so I could dress like this for the whole year round, well most of it.
So with winter just around the corner I have been going like crazy trying to decide lately what pieces I wish to purchase for winter and looking through Lookbook for inspiration. My winter wardrobe is pretty much going to be filled with oversized cardigans, jackets, jumpers and shirt dresses with tights and plain black boots.

Will anyone be trying any new looks for the coming winter? If you live somewhere where it's about to hit summer what were some new looks that you were trying out?

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