Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Destintion: Canberra

Wow! can't believe I never got around to talking about my fantastic road trip down to Canberra a while back. I hadn't been to Canberra for 4 years and I had only ever gone there for school excursions so it was nice to go there just to hang and such. It started the road trip at 8:30 but stopped straight away for breakfast at maccas. After that we set forth on the 3 hour road trip ahead. It wasn't off to a good start when we couldn't get the iTrip to work so had to listen to the radio, which was pretty lame. It's quite relaxing just driving ith a friend and listening to the radio.
When we finally got their we first went to meet up with one of my best friends as she was moving into her room for university. Her room was ok, but you nothing to get excited over about. Had a window of the court yard which was nice. After our visit we went over to the National Gallery of Australia, which was exciting because it was my first time. The Gallery was quite nice, really bug and very easy to get lost in without a map. Eventually found the works and exhibitions I was dying to see.
 We first saw the 'Space Invaders' exhibition. It's the first time that a exhibition about street art as been shown in a national gallery so it was a big deal to go and see it. It was showing works from over 40 Australian street artists. Some of them include names like Ghostpatrol, Sync, Miso, HAHA, Robert SIM, Lister, PRISM and MEEK. It was a very good exhibition and they also had a video showing you some of the artists working and such.
After that we went to look at their permitted collection of works and they had a few nice pieces.
Chuck Close'Bob' 1970
synthetic polymer paint on canvas

Jackson Pollock
'Blues Poles'
oil, enamel, aluminum paint, glass on canvas
Andy Warhol
'Elvis' 1963
synthetic polymer paint screen-printed onto canvas
Andy Warhol
'Electric Chair' 1967
synthetic polymer paint screen-printed onto canvas
Claude Monet
'Waterlilies' 1914-17
oil on canvas
Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec
'Moulin Rouge: La Goulue (The Glutton)' 1891
Print, Poster, planographic
Technique: Four colour brush and spatter lithograph in four colours on three sheets
René Magritte
Les Amants (The lovers) 1928
oil on canvas 
I was really surprised to see the Magritte there. But never the less I was happy to see some of the artworks on my must see list. We then went to the shop which is always fun and i got some books and postcards (yay!). Going to the art gallery shop is probably one of my favourite things to do. After that we went back to the university to say goodbye to my friend and left Canberra for a 3 hour road trip back to home. We also decided when we were together that maybe next holidays we would go on a roadtrip down to Melbourne for like a week. Heaps excited if it happens :)

Photo found from The Wooden Foundations Collective Blog Thingo

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