Sunday, February 6, 2011

7. Things you like/don't like about the way you look.

1. My hair - I did use to really hate my cirly hair but I have grown to love it. No one has hair like mine and it makes me feel special :)
2. My style - I like the way I dress. It says a lot about the person I am and where a lot of things that I hardly see people wearing.
3. My Legs - sure their not the best looking things in the world and I'm short but I actually quite like my legs.

1. Big arms - I have no upper body strength which make me look like I have bat wings. I've started to focus on that region in my workouts and man is it hard work. I feel so pathetic after it, lol.
2. Stomach - Im am a bit overweight but I am trying to lose weight which I think is a good thing for bith my health and mentally.

Photo Credit: Colour lover

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